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  • Data management

    Programming with R, data management, graphics. Programming course with hands-on exercises

Entry levelLive

Event details

Max. participants 10
Registration is open until 02.11.2023 - 23:59 o'clock
Start date 16.11.2023 - 15:00 o'clock
End date 17.11.2023 - 16:00 o'clock
until 19.10.2023100 Euro
afterwards150 Euro

Prof. Dr. Uwe Engel

(Managing Director)

Uwe Engel is a professor in the Social Sciences department at the University of Bremen, where he headed the Chair of Statistics and Empirical Social Research for more than twenty years from 2000 until his retirement in autumn 2020. In 2007 he founded the Social Science Methods Centre at the University of Bremen and headed it until 2020. Uwe Engel has been teaching statistical methods at universities for students from a wide range of disciplines for more than forty years.  

If you want to analyze data yourself, you need knowledge of data science concepts and methods of statistical learning on the one hand and skills in programming on the other. It is only when methodological and statistical core knowledge from data science meets practical programming skills that your own data analyses become possible. The course teaches the skills required for data analysis and, within this framework, sets the main topics in coordination with the participants. The range of topics includes working with R and R libraries (practical use of the infrastructure and programming options of R), data concepts and data management for preparing and performing data analyses (e.g. coding, recoding, subsetting, handling NAs, writing functions), for creating of graphics with R.

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